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Course Feedback from Students

Debbie, from the Lake District, took the Advanced Painting Course with the support of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (Qest)

You showed me a different way of working with glass paint. Constant surprises and surprising observations. 

I never think or thought of myself as a ‘dyed in the wool ‘ traditional glass painter… I like to experiment with paint and mark making… and layering and seeing movement. But your approach was even more freeing. Kind of off the scale really. 

I think I want my windows and my glass painting to be art. And sometimes in busy daily working life, making ends meet, that isn’t always possible … but I can see that it can be. And that it is important to try. 

I realise that glass painting as a skill or technique can to a certain extent be taught. But what you teach is something different. Maybe it is possibilities that you teach. 

Below is a detail from Debbie’s Advance Painting Course work: in which fossil like forms were created by spinning a coin on the surface of the wet paint in a matter of seconds. However we had a great time practising until it began to work.

example of Student's Work

Shirley, from West Virginia, had a particular interest in Celtic Art:

image of stained glass panel: painting on glass by student

“I spent 8 days with Surinder Warboys at her studio and had the most extraordinary time! Surinder structured the class around my areas of interest and together we delved into much more than I had anticipated. Although I have been painting on glass for quite some time I learned techniques that were completely new to me. I had a wonderful time experimenting with mark making, pouring and manipulating glass paint and using masking techniques that opened up a whole new range of possibilities in my work. I also learned to accept the unexpected and relish the serendipitous results!

The whole experience was a treasure: we not only worked in the studio, but also visited churches in the area where Surinder and her husband Rowland had designed, built and installed magnificent windows that flooded the church interiors with light and colour. We spent time exploring the countryside around her studio and I came back armed with lots of reference photographs of the local flora and fauna that will keep me inspired for years. 

The accommodation above the studio was perfect and I was very well taken care of”

Detail from Shirley’s Advance Painting Course work:

image of stained glass panel: painting on glass by student

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